Corrections and amendments

During the making and maintenance of the family tree, we have been depending on your help to a great extend. Without the cooperation of many persons within and around the family, this family tree would not have been possible. We extend our sincere thanks to all who have contributed and helped us to collect this information.

We are very interested in receiving amendments and corrections. Because we follow the Hoetjes / Hoedjes genealogy, we record the spouses families with a depth of 3 generations only. This means: the person in question, children and her or his parents. If possible, we would like to receive the following information:

- the complete names of the parents;
- the complete name of the partner;
- the complete names of the partners parents;
- the complete names of the children;
- date & place of birth;
- date and place of marriage;
- date & place of death;
- profession
- other relevant information.

We are also very interested in receiving old pictures and prayercards. We will scan these on the computer and will return them immediately in good order. Thank you in advance. For amendments and/or corrections please klick on the following link:


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