The making of a family tree takes a lot of time and this information has been made possible through the escalated hobby of Jos and myself and the friendly cooperation of all persons who contributed with amendments, corrections and photographic material.

The development
It started in the early fifties when Piet Hoetjes got on his bicycle and travelled through all of North-Holland to collect family tree information concerning the Hoetjes family. He was quite surprised when he found some family members spelled as Hoedjes. A spelling error he assumed, not knowing that all Hoedjes family members are part of the very same family. This family tree information, about 30% of its current size, was put away for about 40 years until it was discovered by Paul & Caspar Hoetjes in uncle Piet's cupboard. Paul could read uncle Piet's handwriting better so that he put it in into a word processor, whereafter Caspar entered this data into a genealogic programme. A Genealogic survey is mearly impossible from abroad (Paul on Curacao and Caspar in Germany) as the main job is digging around in the archives of churches and townhalls.
But internet has it's merrits and soon we came in contact with Peter Hoetjes from the Hague (Branch of Leendert Hoetjes). Also Peter was active in finding his roots so we could join our data of 2 entirely separate branches which they still are today. The breakthrough came when I got in contact with Jos Scholten, who's mother in law is a Hoedjes. Jos had spent considereable time and effort to search through the archives of Noord-Holland. He had also requested many families for further information and fotographic material. His information was not only enormous in size but was also important to compare and confirm informations. The information of the current genealogy as shown on the homepage is the combination of the 3 sources as described above.

A booklet of the Hoetjes / Hoedjes family
Unfortunately, the booklet of our family tree is lo longer available in printed form. Because I kept receiving inquiries however, I decided to make it available on CD-ROM. On the CD you will find the booklet in PDF format about the genealogy of the Hoetjes / Hoedjes Family, as well as a complete copy of the family tree as published on the internet along with many other interesting informations about the region of our families heritage such as old maps and other things. The booklet contains around 200 pictures of photographs and prayingcards and consists of app. 220 pages. Unfortunately, the booklet is only available in Dutch language, however, is quite easy to understand. In case you have any troubles reading it, you could always visit a Dutch course ;-), remember: Never loose contact to your roots!
You can order this CD trough the E-Mail address below, Cost wil be 25,- US$ which includes international postage

Enjoy your search through the family tree

Caspar Hoetjes


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