Our Family Tree is now in a new format.
Those of you that have sent me information in the past, already know that processing the new information and put it into a format that could appear on the internet, was an enormous lot of work for me. This was contributed to the Faily tree programme I was working with at the time. In the mean time, I have tested various different family tree programmes but nothing suited my reuirements in terms of the format that you can view on the internet.
Finally I have found a programm that can but, because also this programme cannot maintain the old format 100%, you will find some changes.
One important change and also major improvement is, that I can now include pictures of persons or documents. You can already find some pictures in the current family tree. Another important change especially for those of you who do not speak the Dutch language, is that the family tree is now also avaialble in English.
Just try it yourself, I look foreward to reactions about your experiences browsing through the family tree.

Just klick on the following Link to get directly to the English version of the family tree.


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