Your own Hoetjes E-Mail Address
All Hoetjes Family Members can have their own E-Mail Adress on HOETJES.NET. This E-Mail Address is a Forwarding Address, this means that all incoming mail will automatically be forwarded to your own E-Mail address. A great advantage is also that in case you will change your Internet Provider, your E-Mail Address will change too. Your HOETJES:NET E-mail Address will always stay the same, all we will have to do is to change the Forwarding Address and all mail will automatically be send to your new Address.
Just send an E-Mail which Address on the HOETJES.NET you would like and the Address it needs to be sent to. Please understand that the names are limited and can only be used once.The following E-Mail Addresses are already in use:


E-mail addresses on HOETJES.NET
amanda caspar eric faas hans ingrid jens lia mail nick paul&mieke roos sven tatjana victoria Webmaster     
  cas erik flip    isabelle judith  lucas marijn    patrizia      thijn vincent       
  cato  erwin               peter               
    evi               peterj               

I have had Questions if the forwarding of Mail is automatic and if I could see the content of the Mail sent. The Forwarding is fully automated and already takes place on the Internet Server. I have no possibilities of reading your mails, however, please be aware that any E-Mail can be compared to a regular postcard and can consequently be read by other persons, unless scrambled.


Important too, this service, off course, doesn't cost anything nada, zip!


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