The History of the Hoetjes / Hoedjes Family


The available information around the history of the Hoetjes / Hoedjes family goes back to around 1625. The family originates from the very North-West of the Netherlands around the villages of Schagen and de Zijpe. Those who expect aristocratic roots or wealth in this family will be dissapointed. The majority of our ancesters were simple workers only a few were not as poor such as: Blacksmiths, Wheelmakers, Farmers and Innkeepers.

There are 4 independent branches of the family tree that all continue until today. these branches are:

1. Gerrit Hoetjes, born around 1620, probably in or around Schagen. This branch is the biggest of all 4 and catholic by origin. The entire branch primarily still lives in Noord-Holland.

2. Pieter Hoetjes, born around 1650, probably in or around Schagen. This branch is catholic by origin as well. In this branch there is a certain Gerrit Hoetjes (later Hoedjes), who served his militairy service in Breda and setlled down there. His descendents still live in this area. From this branch there was also one person who emigrated to the USA around 1900 and there are still Hoetjes family members living there. It is assumed that this branch is related to the first one, it could be possible that this Pieter Hoetjes was a son of Gerrit Hoetjes above, never the less,until today this could not been proven.

3. Arij Hoetjes, born around 1660, probably in or around Schagen. This branch is very small compared to the other 2. This entire branch gradually changed to the name Hoedjes and were protestant by origin. No relationship was found to any of the other 3 branches of the family.

4. Leendert Hoetjes, born around 1700 in Haarlem? This branch is probably not related to any of the other 3 branches. There are indications that a certain Leendert Hoet(j)ens, originated from Antwerps (Belgium) is the ancestor of this branch. He appears in the chruch books of Haarlem around the year 1675. In the beginning of the 19th. century one person of this branch moved to Amsterdam. This branch is entirely protestant. Persons from this branch now live in New Zealnd, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Heerhugowaard.


Places of residence
In the christening registers of the roman catholic church in Schagen (H. Christoforus), as well as in other churches, many details about persons can be found. In the christening registers the place of residence was very often documented.

For example: Maartje Cornelis HOETJES, baptised (RK) op 20-01-1751 in Schagen (witnesses: Neeltje Crelis), 'Op Tolke' "Tolke" was a settlement south of Schagen.

Or: Den 21 november 1751 sijn Jacob Gerritsz Hoetjes, weduwnaar op de dorpe onder schagen en maartje Jans weduwe van Noord Scharwoud op Langedijk na hunne drie huwelijkse voorstellingen soo alhier als volgens betoogh tot Noord Scharwoudt ontvangen te hebben in den huwelijksen staat bevestigt voor Jan van Voorst en Claas Braas, schepenen van Schagen, heb ten oorconde bij mij getekend. C. Kerkhoven

"De Dorpen" is a settlement south of Schagen as well. Also in marriage and funeral registers such places of residence are mentioned. The following settlements, villages and towns can be found:
De Stolpen, Polant, Op Tolke, Oude Zijp, Op de Nes, Grootewal, Op de Dorpe, onder Schagen, In de Hoep, De Keins en Van de Keinsmerbrug. On the maps below, most of these places can be found.

Map of Schagen

The above map shows the area
of Schagen around 1860. Klick here for an enhanced view


Map of de Zijpe

The above map shows the area of
de Zijpe around 1860. Klick here for an enhanced view


The origin and spelling of the name Hoetjes / Hoedjes
The origin of the name Hoetjes is unknown. There is a theory that the name is derived from the "hoetjes mannen" these were the seamen in those days, all wearing white cappies. If this theory is correct or not, we don't know, what we do know is that there are not many known seamen in the family tree.

In the Netherlands many family names end with -jes (Briefjes, Beentjes, Hartjes, Kleintjes etc.) Regional variants are -kes, -kens, -jens, -gens. This does not only limit itself to the Netherlands: In England one finds the addition -kins (Atkins, Wilkins etc). This is derived from the latin /gens/ which means family or kin. Consequently, Caspar Hoetjes means: Caspar from the family of Hoet, or Caspar, he of Hoet.

Interesting as well is the fact that the original name "Hoetjes" was more and more found documented as "Hoedjes". This change was primarily contributed to the personnel at the registry offices and churches. In those days many people were illiterate, they just pronounced their name and it was up to the registrar or priest to document it. What could have led to the alternate spelling is, that the name Hoetjes means "Little Hats" just that hats are spelled with a "D", many registrars and priest therefor just assumed the spelling with a "D". One thing is clear: no matter how the name is spelled, it's all one big family.
Before 1800, the name is only found spelled as Hoetjes. After 1800 the name gradually changes into Hoedjes, in some villages the name remained hoetjes for a little longer then in others. In this genealogy, until 1811,the spelling is used as documented in the various registers of parish, Marriage or funeral of the different churches. After 1811, Napolean Bonaparte forced all persons to be registerd officially by the government. After this date we have used the spelling as documented on the birth certificates. By using the spelling of the name from the birth certificates, in some families, we found the name spelled both ways. This primarily happened between 1811 and 1830.


The family Crest
Sometimes I get questions about the family crest. The family crest shown at the family tree entry site is not authentic and was designed by myself some years ago. It should not suprise you that our family of workers and farmers does not have it's own family crest. The text "non quam non paratus" translates to: "never unprepared" its meaning would be something like: "expect the unexpected" which fits quite well, as we always carry our protection with us even it's only in our name.

In case you have any further information about the Family history or have any additions or corrections to the family tree, would you please inform us?


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